Are you a Zombie-Mom?

Raise your hand if you spend your days (um, your life) feeling like this:

You're tired the minute you wake up.

You need caffeine just to get through.

You suffer from brain fog and struggle to focus.

You feel tired deep in your muscles.

You're overwhelmed and can't seem to catch up.

You're moody. And others are noticing.

You're stressed out and little things put you over the top.

You eat because you're desperate for energy.

You rely on alcohol or sleep aids to knock you out.

You compare yourself to others and feel inferior.

You want to exercise. But no time, no energy.

You escape with social media but connect with no one.

You feel like crap.'re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Help is on the way. Keep scrolling.

Baby and mom wiht pot on head


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Live Fully!