Working mom yawning

The Trick to a Good Night's Sleep is Mastering Your Day

Ah, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could recharge your energy like you recharge your laptop? You just plug yourself in at night and wake up full of energy. You’d have a quick supply of energy and there'd be no worry about the sleep you’re not getting.

Of course, there's no such thing and you're left to your own desperate devices to get more ZZ's. On top of that, you live in a culture that wears little sleep like a badge of strength. You try all the hacks like a warm bath, lavender oil, chamomile tea, melatonin, and sleep medication. But come morning, you still need the mug of caffeine to get you going. While these might be good temporary fixes, they rarely fix the problem long-term.

What if changing a few things you do during the day could make a huge difference in your sleep at night? In this course, you will learn:

·   How to turn off your racing thoughts

·   How to break the “no-sleep = more-eat” cycle

·   How to get off the caffeine/alcohol rollercoaster

·   How to get great sleep if your kids don’t

·   And much more