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Image of Awake Chocoloate on Dragon's DenBefore the guys at AWAKE chocolate even appeared on “Dragon’s Den”, I wanted to try out their product. I mean, as one of the zombiemoms, I obviously require caffeine (can YOU go to work and function on 4 hours sleep without it?). And who doesn’t love chocolate? So when I heard about a chocolate bar that contains the same amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee, it was a no-brainer. And even though I know that the AWAKE team did get a Dragon to invest in their product, I’ve refrained from watching the show so that my review would not be coloured by their comments.

Photo of Awake Chocolate CartonNevil the Owl

When the product arrived, I was impressed. I loved their logo — Nevil the Owl — an owl who is wide awake in the daytime. I also loved their motto “WHO’s Tired?” (ok, I’m a sucker for puns). So I was hopeful I’d love the chocolate too. Like most of us, I normally get my morning caffeine hit from a cuppa Joe, but I couldn’t bring myself to having a chocolate bar at 7am! So Nevil had to wait ’til at least 9am.

Surprises on the Label

While I was waiting to take that first bite, I took a look at the label. Surprisingly, the sugar content wasn’t any higher than in a glass of orange juice. But the calories? Wowza! Let’s just say, you wouldn’t want to eat too many of these bars in a day. That said, it is about the same as an average chocolate bar or energy bar, so if you usually have a few of those in a day, then you already know what you’re getting yourself into!

Which brings me to the warning on the label… it says that you can eat an AWAKE bar every 3-4 hours, but do not exceed more than 2 a day. Wait, don’t some people have more than 2 cups of coffee a day?? So why can’t I have more than 2 of these bars in the same period? Hmm…. Luckily, I don’t usually have more than one cup of coffee anyway, so this point was moot with me. But it does make me wonder.

Photo of Awake Chocolate BarOWL vs ZOMBIEMOM

Finally, it was time to try out the bar. The AWAKE chocolate bar has 4 squares, and isn’t one of those skinny mini things. Nice and chunky — my kind of chocolate bar. I took my first bite and was… well, surprised. I guess I was expecting a caffeinated chocolate bar to taste like a mocha latte or something. Nope – milk chocolate taste all the way. Perhaps it would be grainy? Not at all — smooth all the way down. And I was definitely expecting some kind of after-taste…. but there wasn’t any. NONE! The taste was smooth and rich. The only issue I had was it was a little too sweet for my taste buds. That’s probably because I now prefer chocolate bars that are 75% cocoa. But that’s certainly not a deal-breaker, because by the second square, I was used to the sweetness and finished the bar without a problem.

Of course, the true test of this bar’s effectiveness would come mid-afternoon…. would I crash? or would this zombiemom stay AWAKE?


I am. Yep – this amazing little bar gave me the same lift as my usual morning coffee. This makes me one happy lady because I now have an excuse to have more chocolate!! And I don’t have to have plain old coffee every morning… I can mix it up a little. If the people at AWAKE Chocolate ever come out with a 75% cocoa version of the bar, I’ll be hooked for life!! (are you listening Nevil?). It’s also about one dollar cheaper than an energy drink.

Other perks?

  • zero risk of burning your tongue (sadly, I do this a lot)
  • you won’t accidentally spill it when the vehicle you’re in suddenly stops
  • it can fit in your purse / bag  (can’t do that with my coffee mug on the subway!)
  • portions!  If I just need a little pick me up, I can just break off one or two squares of this delightful bar and munch away.  

I think the Dragons made a wise choice investing in this product. Get it? “Wise”? I told you I’m a sucker for puns!

Oh, in case you want to watch what happened when AWAKE pitched the Dragon’s Den, watch it here:

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  1. correction: each PIECE has the amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee. there are four PIECES per bar. each bar = FOUR CUPS of coffee!!!

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